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Star Column

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Key Features

  • Ultra Combi Oven - Cook - Steam - Microwave
  • Blast Chiller - Preserve - Cook - Store
  • Vacuum Sealer - Marinate - Tenderise - Seal
    Product Description 

    ILVE have released the new Star Column, a flexible way to customise 3 separate appliances into one stunning stainless steel column; ideal for forward thinking cooks. The brand-new appliance boasts numerous rare features to allow the consumer to prepare dishes like a gourmet chef. 

    With three separate components, the Star Column provides a variety of cookery options including a slim-line Trio oven (which incorporates a multi -function oven, steam and microwave all - in - one), secondly a blast chiller and freezer, and finally a supreme vacuum-sealer, all in one compact pillar.

    To top off the column, a deep storage drawer for pan storage is included at the base of this stylishly professional stainless steel body. An added bonus for customers is, unlike other built in appliances, the column is a free standing unit so can go with you when you move.

    Ultra Combi Oven 

    Ultra Combi Oven 

    - Steam Function (between 40 - 100°C)

    - Microwave Function 

    - Grill Function

    - Single or Combined Functions

    - Temperature Probe 

    - Touch Control Digital Display

    Blast Chiller 

    Blast Chiller 

    - 40 Litre Oven Capacity

    - 3 Racks

    - Internal Ventilation 

    - Full Touch Control Digital Display 

    - Blast Chill from the oven to the Refrigerator (4°C) 

    - Freeze from room temperature to - 20°C

    - Bottle Chilling Feature 

    - Rising/Proofing 

    Vacuum Sealer

    Vacuum Sealer

    - Stainless Steel Body

    - Vacuum Sealing Cavity (300mm x 360mm x 100mm) 

    - Weight: 25 Kg

    - Vacuum Pump: 4 m/h

    - 4 Vacuum Sealer Settings

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