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FP2-66/500: Chimney liner "all you need fitting pack": 6" stove to 6" liner with 500mm black pipe & 2 x 45 degree elbows, cowl, adaptor, webbing, cement, data plate, nose cone, sealing plate.

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Fitting packs contain a stainless steel chimney cowl PLUS everything you need to get from your stove (A) to your flue liner (B) with the exception of your closure plate. For a closure plate we recommend a sheet of Hardibacker 12mm board (available at many good DIY stores.

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6" 500mm black (vitreous) pipe
6-6" vitreous adaptor
2x 45 degree elbows 6" (vitreous)
Snub nose adaptor (connects liner to black pipe)
Pot hanging cowl (connects liner to chimney pot)
Data plate (informational, a requirement of building regulations)
9" square sealing plate (to cosmetically seal vitreous pipe to closure plate)
Nose cone (to drag liner down chimney)
Fire cement (sealing joins and fire brick cracks)
Fireproof webbing

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