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645STCHSW 60cm Nero Ultracombi Oven

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ILVEs 60cm Ulracombi Nero oven features ILVE's brand new 'Nero' styling with a beautiful gloss black oven door, matt black handle and TFT touch control display.


The Ultracombi offers three cooking methods in a single oven. Using technology usually reserved for the commercial market, the oven offers an innovative combination mode allowing you to mix methods: steam, microwave and conventional oven cooking together.

Choose from a selection of cooking modes including the traditional convection bake, grill and microwave. The 645STCHSW delivers an additional steam setting plus combined programs that allow the user to set more than one program at once.

The oven is functional and compact with an abundance of additional features. The TFT digital touch control, allows you to easily programme the oven's 10 specialist cooking programs, adjust the lighting, timer, temperature, oven function and child lock in one sliding touch screen display. Setting the temperature of the oven is effortless due to ILVE's precision temperature control offering a range from 30 degrees to 250 degrees.

The oven has 36 litres of cooking space, a triple-glazed oven door and an internal halogen light to illuminate the inside of the oven. Provided with the oven is an electronic cooking probe, meaning you can cook your meat at the perfect temperature!

The temperature of the oven can be adjusted by 1 degree when using the steam function. This is perfect when using the sous-vide cooking method, offering the healthiest alternative in cooking: enhancing natural flavour whilst preserving foods nutrients. The steam function uses a refillable water reservoir at the front of the oven. Instead of needing to open the oven door to check on food or worrying about decreasing the oven temperature, the steam function means the user can place food in the oven and leave till itu2019s ready.

At home, you can cook using professional culinary techniques, that are normally reserved for a professional chef.


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